Thursday, July 5, 2018


Amazone Echo

Amazone Echo is a smart speaker controlled with your voice (hands-free). It connects with ALEXA a cloud-based voice service with the help of the internet,  It plays music, make calls, check weather and news, set alarms control smart home devices and much more.

Echo can connect to your phone via Bluetooth and play music from your phone and also be connected to your Bluetooth speaker 

Echo have powerful speakers and gives omnidirectional audio. 

Echo has seven microphones inbuilt and can be heard from any direction. 

Echo can hear your voice even in the noisy environments or while playing music.

You can download Alexa software to connect it to your phone which is available for Android and iOS 

With Alexa, You can tell to play a specific  music from the internet

                  You can ask about the weather.

                  You can ask questions and Alexa will answer.

                  You can Check sports scores,

                  You can set alarms and reminders,

                  You can call and Message,

                  You can control lights fans and much more,

                  You can order food from zomato,

                  You can request a ride from ola,

                  You can book a carpenter from urbanclap.

                              All done with your voice

                         ------------------ And much much more--------------------

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